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Like many singers, I started singing in church as part of children and youth choirs and, eventually, began singing solos. This helped develop a love of music that includes many genres. While country and southern rock are favored in my secular music choices, Elvis is obviously my all time favorite because of his captivating style and his powerful and unmatched vocal talent. Performing as an ETA is my way of keeping Elvis’ music and memory alive for those who remember him and introducing him to those who discovered him after his untimely death.


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Shane Tucker with the L.A. Fever Band

My career as an ETA began nondescriptly at a staff Christmas party and has evolved to include parties, balls, ELVIS remembered concerts, ETA competitions, and various other types of appearances. While my performances at the beginning of my ETA career were done with music track accompaniment, I have also performed with bands.  I have performed full shows with my first band, the L.A. Fever Band, and I now perform with the Promised Land Band.  I can offer performances both with a band or with music tracks. I have also had the privilege to perform with other live bands including Brandon Bennett’s band – The Heart Break Orchestra, the EAS Band, and the Foley High School Orchestra.

While I enjoy doing numerous ETA appearances each year, I also have a “day job” as an assistant principal at Foley High School. This is the reason that my performances with the the Foley High School Orchestra have been so enjoyable for me.  I am also proud to have been a classroom teacher, coached football and baseball for several years, as well as serving as an assistant principal for many years, and I am proud to be the voice of the Mighty Band From Lion Land during their half time show. I love being a Foley Lion!

I have a wonderful wife, Carmyn, who is a very gifted fourth grade teacher at Foley Elementary School in Foley, AL. She is also an extremely talented singer and often performs with me and on her own at my concerts. I have two terrific daughters. Brandi is an English/Literature teacher in Mississippi and is married to Dustin Hines, who is currently on active duty with the Army National Guard. Bonnie Clair will be a senior at Foley High School this fall (2017) where she is a member of the Fireworks cheerleading squad and the Lion Pride Network News.  She also performs with me and solo at our concerts.  I am also proud to be the son of Johnny and Judy Tucker of Citronelle, AL. I am very grateful for the support of my family members in all my endeavors.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of my shows, please make sure you introduce yourself to me. If you are interested in a booking, please contact me.

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